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Easter is a time of year for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, gather together as the church in worship, and spend time with family visiting around the table and out in the yard as the kids hunt Easter eggs and gorge themselves on the candy inside.

During this time of year, parents usually purchase new clothes for their little ones to wear to church, family dinner, and the various Easter egg hunts around town. Our family is no different. Before the egg hunts, services, and family dinners commence, my wife spends times online searching for cute outfits for our boys to wear. Each year she does a great job, and this one was no different.

Dressed in their matching sweaters, shirts, and shorts they couldn’t have looked more handsome. A few days before Easter, while things were calm, we dressed them up and began exploring a few spots around our house for photo opportunities. The swing in our backyard, as well as the playground at the church, provided a few nice spots to photograph these two having together and loving on mom.

Here are a few favorites from our Easter session.




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Photos by Casey Lewis
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